Sativa vs Indica

Sativa vs Indica

The cannabis plant can either be Indica vs Sativa, or hybrid. All varieties offer distinct impacts on the body and also help with different conditions. Indica strains are responsible for immense bodily relaxation after cannabis consumption. Sativa strains are responsible for the heavy energizing effect after cannabis consumption. Hybrid strains provide a mixture of both Indica and Sativa genetics.

It can be technical to differentiate between indica and sativa cannabis strains especially if you are a novice cannabis user. Also, since they all have green plants you have to carefully monitor the plants to see the differences.

In this article, we will focus on the differences between Indica vs Sativa effects, so that you can know which one is right for you.

Indica effects

Indica cannabis strains are characterized by a high bodily relaxation that penetrates through the muscles washing out stress. These cannabis strains can be used to relieve tension. It also reduces discomfort by filling the mind with a sense of calm. Indica cannabis strains can be useful for those going through massage since it relaxes the muscles.

Another typical indica effect is how it works to clear thoughts so that the user can have peace of mind. Indica and sativa effects are very different. Indica strains bring a feeling of sleepiness and relaxation while bringing a feeling of joy and energy.

Sativa effects

Sativa cannabis strains are characterized by full mind blissfulness. In which your mind enters another dimension. The mind becomes very creative as new ideas begin to flood into your mind. A lot of positivity also flows through your mind and what seems to become very possible. Studies on Sativa strains are still ongoing and only time will tell what this amazing strain can do. People who have tested both Indica and Sativa strains have acknowledged that you can use Indica strains to balance the effects of Sativa strains.

Sativa strain also change your perspective, making you think outside the box. When you consume sativa strains things that seemed funny become funnier. It changes your state of mind from sad to happy. Sativa strains also give you the energy to do your favorite task, for example, if you want to do more house chores then sativa strains will give you that ability. Also, athletes may use it to increase their output during training. Poets can use it to become more inspired in writing. Sativa strains provide an inspiration that can help you in achieving your goals. 

Keep in mind that sativa effects vary from one breeder to another. Some sativa strains can also contain additives that enhances the effects. 

Which strain is more effective?

Indica and sativa strains are both known for their effectiveness. Consuming either strain will provide long-lasting effects. Indica can be best consumed after a stressful day at work to gain full-body relaxation and mind blissfulness. Sativa strains can be best consumed before work to gain total body control. It can also make hard tasks very easy. Therefore, the effectiveness of either indica or Sativa will depend on your mindset and your objectives.

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