What Consumers Should Know About Cannabis Consumption

What Consumers Should Know About Cannabis Consumption

The legalization of cannabis has increased the momentum for people willing to consumption of plants for the first time. Most individuals who haven’t tried cannabis previously often have a lot of questions about how – and how much – to consume.

As a cannabis enthusiast, there are a lot of tips to follow for those willing to consider consuming cannabis for the first time, and hopefully, it will be a happy road.

The best cannabis consumption method for beginners

Novice cannabis users should typically smoke or vape cannabis since it’s easy and offers instantaneous effects.

Edibles usually take more time to become effective and this usually leads to overconsumption in some cases. It’s also difficult to dose edibles and most users often overdose on edibles, experiencing side effects like paranoia, dizziness etc. Therefore, edibles are not suitable for first-time users. We’d also advise first-time users to stay away from cannabis concentrates.

How much should be consumed?

Make sure you start low and go slow. Examine how your body reacts as you consume and wait for a couple of hours before your next consumption. Most strains have considerable amounts of THC with some having THC levels as high as 22 percent but as a first-time user you may want to go for the lower end strains with low THC levels. Beginners consuming edibles should start with low doses. 

It’s important to know that there have been no reported deaths from someone who consumes excess amounts of cannabis. But it’s still recommended to begin with low doses and slowly increase over time.

So, if you are feeling uncomfortable after consuming too much cannabis and feel like your heart is beating too fast, then just try to cool off. Most first the time users experience these symptoms and when you are already used to consuming cannabis it will become very normal to your system.

With that said, there is a high distinction between being moderately high, and being extremely high.

Being too high can be uncomfortable for many, and sometimes comes with auditory or visual impairments, as well as body weakness and shakiness.  

Situations and Experience

Interestingly, there are several ways to help if you are experiencing this situation:

Don’t panic because you can’t overdose on cannabis. Also, understand that cannabis won’t harm you in any way.

It’s also recommended to take some CBD because CBD can reduce the psychoactive effects of THC. Therefore, if you are feeling too high after consuming cannabis, you can take CBD in different forms including vaping, CBD joints (with hemp flower), or sublingual (under your tongue) and tinctures.

Go outside; If you are feeling shaky after consuming cannabis as a first-time user, you can go outside to a calm area and experience the beauty of nature. Also, avoid populated areas.

Slowly breath in and breath out; Taking slow breaths actually slows down your brain, and helps your body relax.

Bottom line

With all that said, if you consume cannabis for the first time and experience serious symptoms like elevated heart rate, vomiting, or hallucinations, and none of the above tips are working, then you can take a tolerance break. If you still experience these symptoms, then you should probably lay off the weed.

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