Types of cannabis vape cartridges

A cannabis cartridge or vape cartridge refers to inhaling devices used in the consumption of cannabis. They are typically pre-filled with cannabis concentrate containing THC, a psychoactive compound responsible for the ‘high’ feeling you get when you inhale cannabis or marijuana. Cannabis cartridges have become increasingly popular since the legalization of CBD. It is easy to use, portable, convenient, and discreet. There are different types of cannabis vape cartridges, including the Hawaiian snow vape cartridge for sale. Choosing the best type of vape cartridge for you may be confusing. The content of a cannabis vape cartridge is a full or half a gram of cannabis oil containing various terpenes and cannabinoids. These vaping devices are much more discreet than a typical joint. They are lightweight and portable, and you could fit one into your bag or pocket. It also doesn’t produce the weed smell you get from smoking marijuana. Another selling point of vaping is diversity. There are several types of cartridges with various designs and colors. Here are the main types of vape cartridges.

Full-spectrum cartridges

This is referred to by many consumers as the best option when talking about cannabis oil. In most cases, the quality can be measured through the price. The full spectrum is on the top of the quality list because it still contains the entire amount of molecules found in the original strain. The full spectrum cannabis oil has the most natural aroma, taste, and effects.

Terpene-infused cartridge

Although there may be a few concerns about infusing terpenes into cannabis extract or oil, it helps promote the oil’s smoothness. It is usually sold in pre-filled cannabis cartridges and may improve the aroma and taste of the product. However, terpene-infused cartridges are not on the top of the list.

Live resin cartridge

Live resin is popular for its strong scent and taste. It is highly rich in terpene. The process of extracting the live resin involves freezing the cannabis plant after it’s been harvested. This helps retain its natural properties and produce a stronger aroma and taste. It is a great option for experienced marijuana consumers who like a strong but safe “high.”


It is also known as distillate, and it is a processed type of cannabis oil. It is made from more than one cannabis extract. The point of distilled cartridges is to cut down on unnecessary compounds in a cannabis plant. Ensure that you choose what works for you. You can buy Hawaiian snow vape cartridges online or at the local dispensary.