Things you must know before trying Edibles

Edibles refer to digestible food products which contain cannabis or marijuana. Since the continued legalization of cannabis in several states, many people have increased interest in several ways to consume it. You can even find edibles delivery services in dc. Eating edible food products, beverages, or candy infused with cannabis or marijuana is one popular way of consuming cannabis. Edibles have various benefits, including decreased inflammation and deep relaxation. However, its ” high ” effect is not the same as when inhaling or smoking cannabis. Edibles are highly potent; if taken in excess, they can lead to panic, increased heart rate, and even anxiety. It is unwise to keep edibles within reach of pets or children. The experience gotten from consuming edibles is much more different than when you smoke cannabis. Edibles take longer to kick in or wear off and must be taken with caution. Here are some important things you should know before indulging in edibles.

Start slow

You don’t want to rush your edibles as it may be risky and lead to overwhelming feelings. Edibles affect people in different ways and based on their tolerance level. It may take hours before the effect kicks in, so consuming much at once is not a good idea because you don’t feel “high.” The high from edibles hit harder than smoking weed, and it may not take effect immediately, but it can be overwhelming when it does. Start small and go slow. If you’re making your edibles or infused treats, try to ensure the measurement is in small quantities.

Eat well first

Just like drinking alcohol or caffeine, eating properly before consuming edibles is a must. Ensure to eat a filling and healthy meal before indulging in edibles of any kind. It will help you to process the edibles slowly and save you from unpleasant side effects. Eating properly before taking edibles will help you avoid nausea, dizziness, and other side effects.

Wait at least two hours before consuming more

It is a cardinal rule to go really slow with edibles. This is especially because they don’t hit immediately and could take hours, but the higher the dosage results in stronger effects. It is not a good idea to consume a lot of edibles because you haven’t started feeling the effects. After taking some, chill out for about two hours before trying again. You can try out licensed dc edibles delivery services around your area.