Platinum Bubba Kush

Platinum Bubba Kush

A strong hybrid of Platinum OG Kush and Bubba Kush. This platinum level indica-dominant strain is definitely made for those looking for a strong option to get them into the right headspace. The breeders of this precious metal are still unknown.  Also, we can only guess because of its lineage that it is likely from the motherland, Amsterdam herself.

This strain boasts an outstanding THC average of 22% to 25% with lows dipping only a couple of percent. This guarantees users a heck of a high that lasts for hours on end. These purple and green-hued nugs are small and dense with shiny silver trichomes and rich purple leaves. The Kush factor brings in the spiciness fans have come to expect and the floral overtones they love. Also, the sweet flavor makes it a medicinal favorite.


The high takes a while to get going. But once it kicks in it really kicks and has the ability to last throughout the day. So proceed with caution as you may not feel anything for a few minutes. This is a very uplifting high that has the ability to remove you from any foul moods or stressful thoughts and bring you to a place of complete euphoria and relaxation. After the initial wave finally hits you’ll feel hungry and giggly So be sure to have a few snacks and maybe a friend around to share the wealth with.

Patients love this strain for its appetite stimulation and the ability to relax even the heaviest of stresses. Anyone suffering from an eating disorder can find relief in Platinum Bubba Kush as it will kick up your hunger and curb any nausea. Those who suffer from mood disorders will notice an uptick in their mood and the pure moments of joy they experience as a result of just a couple hits will be priceless. As it is a powerful sedative as well, ailments like insomnia or chronic pain will be a thing of the past.

Growing this plant is a dream and many find it be close to a self-starter. It is resistant to mold and pests, making it great for first-time growers or those with a black thumb. The plant will flower after around 9 weeks indoors and in late October outdoors, and will produce an average to above average yield.

Other Info

Anyone looking for a potent medicine look no further. This is a strain that is perfect for an array of ailments and even more perfect for anyone who just loves a good strong, albeit goofy, high. The flavor palette is one that will have you reaching for it again and again. Try it in a vape for added smoothness or in a flavored blunt wrap for a bit of pizzazz on the taste buds.

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THC Content

Highest Test25%

Strain Average23.5%

Indica Average12.5%

Wikileaf Average18%

Wikileaf Highest35%