Getting Medical and Recreational Marijuana Near Me in Washington DC

Getting Medical and Recreational Marijuana Near Me in Washington DC

Cannabis is said to help with everything ranging from menstrual cramps to insomnia to free-floating anxiety. That afflicts all of us at some point in time. But before stocking up marijuana in Washington DC, spare some time to read up on DC’s cannabis laws, for they can be rather confusing. 

When the District of Columbia passed Initiative 71 in 2014. Anyone over 21 could legally possess up to two ounces of weed, grow a max of six plants, transfer up to one ounce to someone else, and have other paraphernalia on hand. However, DC doesn’t have the typical weed delivery near me services,common across the US.

Initiative 71 has a rider that prevents Washington DC from setting up retail sales programs like in most other US states. But no worries, I71 still allows anyone over 21 to possess, grow, use and share Marijuana for medical or recreational purposes. That means you can still get Washington DC’s best weed delivery service in some form.

Getting Medical Marijuana

All qualifying patients in DC have the right to use Marijuana for medical use when their healthcare practitioner provides a written recommendation bearing his or her signature and license number. The doctor’s recommendation must indicate that the use of cannabis is a medical necessity for treating or managing a qualifying condition or in mitigation against the side effects of qualifying drugs or treatments. 

Getting a medical card in Washington allows you to visit any of DC’s medical marijuana dispensaries and get your weed supplies. The marijuana dispensaries fall under the essential services category. So even under Covid19 regulations, they are still open. However, you may not receive curbside pickup, or the weed delivery could be affected by local Covid19 regulations.

Getting Recreational Weed in Washington DC

The US’s legal cannabis industry continues to grow, and many dispensaries and online stores are opening up. Although weed is perfectly legal in Washington, DC for adults over 21. It can still be challenging to find the stuff if you don’t know how or where to look. Without access to recreational dispensaries, it can be confusing to figure out how to get safe and reputable weed. 

If you are looking for Washington DC’s best weed delivery service, you have several options. If you don’t have a friend who can share an ounce with you or don’t want to go the medical marijuana route. The solution may lie in seeking weed delivery near me in DC. 

In Washington, DC, the easiest way to get weed is by delivery. However, that will require you to understand the regulations surrounding the sale, use and growing of Marijuana. The nation’s capital allows for the delivery of Marijuana as a gift accompanied by the purchase of something else.

Whether you plan to stay home and watch some movies or just desire some privacy. Weed delivery near me is your best route. After all, if you can order food online, why not weed? Why not get Washington DC’s best weed delivery service for your medical or recreational weed?

You can get weed delivery at your doorstep in all over DC here.