OG Cheese

OG Cheese

Assuming you’re a dairy lover, OG Cheese might be your next go-to bud. A heavily indica-dominant hybrid. Growers at GreenLabel Seeds came up with this strain after crossing Skunk #1 with Afghani. What resulted is an 80/20 flower that smells strongly of cheese. Provides some happy and relaxing benefits enjoyed by both recreational and medicinal users.

Super popular for its smell, taste, and awesome buzz. It measures at a moderate THC range of 15% to 18%, making it great for habitual users. Like its namesake, nugs do smell just like cheese, with subtle hints of pine, fruit, and cream. These notes carry into its flavor as well, with an earthy and sweet taste upon exhaling. What’s perhaps most impressive about OG Cheese are the flowers themselves. As individual buds are massive and can weigh up to one ounce a piece. Thick trichomes and bright pistils make for one pretty looking nug.


OG Cheese behaves like a true OG would. With psychoactive effects that couple with an intense body buzz that completely relaxes you and gives you a serious case of couch-lock. Although you’ll be incredibly thoughtful and introspective, you’ll maintain a giggly happiness that makes this strain great for chilling on the couch with friends. Users also note that their creativity is boosted with OG Cheese, yet that’s assuming they can clear their head long enough to be inspired.

Medical cannabis users particularly love OG Cheese because of its pain relieving qualities, and those with migraines, muscle spasms, nausea, or inflammation can all benefit. Above all else, it’s a strain that acts powerfully toward stress, and leaves you feeling happy, relaxed, and without a care in the world.

Smokers aren’t the only ones who love this strain, as growers tend to favor it for its super high yield and quick flowering cycle. Easy to cultivate outdoors or inside, a short 50 to 60 days is all OG Cheese needs to produce huge and heavy buds. Plants will turn purple in cooler temperatures, and feature a structure that allows for easy trimming.

Other Info

There’s nothing like a nug of stinky OG Cheese to start off your weekend, relax after a stressful day of work, or take the edge off a chronic condition that pains you daily. No matter how you choose to use it, this strain is sure to please with a dreamy high that will last a few hours. Remember it has a potent smell, so carrying it on you might bring some unwanted attention.

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Common Usage

A Loss of Appetite2/10





Typical Effects








THC Content

Highest Test18%

Strain Average16.5%

Indica Average12.5%

Wikileaf Average18%

Wikileaf Highest