Recreational dispensary and products

Recreational dispensary and products

What is a recreational dispensary?

A recreational dispensary is where medical and recreational cannabis consumers go to legal marijuana. Many states allow medical marijuana dispensaries to function and several other states allow recreational dispensaries to do business as well. Cannabis dispensaries are the safest place where you can buy cannabis. They also assist users when it comes to growing, and consuming cannabis.

Medical dispensary work by assisting patients with their marijuana medication as per the doctor’s recommendation. In this article, we will provide the basics of recreational cannabis dispensaries as well as the different products found in recreational dispensaries. 

Tips before visiting a recreational dispensary

Recreational dispensaries allow only adults of 21 years and above to purchase cannabis. Also, you must have a valid ID to show proof of your age.

Most recreational dispensaries put their menus on their websites or at the physical location itself, showcasing the different products offered. The menus usually contain popular products such as flowers, concentrates, edibles, and topicals.

Budtenders at a recreational dispensary do not really have time to listen to the customer’s needs as a budtender at a medical dispensary would have. At recreational dispensaries customers don’t waste time, they just grab their products and go. However, the budtender can still offer information and recommendations for the customer.

The different products found in a dispensary


Flower, also called bud, is the pure form of cannabis. Flowers come in different varieties and strains, all of which have different effects on the user. Some cannabis strains will offer calming effects where others will offer pain relief. Popular recreational weed strains found in dispensaries include white widow, afghani, girl scout cookies, and Jack Herer.


Concentrates are another popular type of cannabis product found in recreational dispensaries. It includes high potency products such as wax, oils, and shatter. It can be very potent for novice cannabis users but also serving as a good alternative to those who don’t like the pure form of cannabis. Concentrates can easily be consumed with the help of vape pens, bongs which are also sold at recreational dispensaries.


Edibles are one of the best ways to consume cannabis. It offers the medicinal benefits of marijuana in a sweet and compact form. There different edible products found in dispensaries include gummies, cookies, candies, drinks, snacks, desserts, and more. Edible cannabis can be made out of every food. Also, its more convenient to buy edibles from a cannabis dispensary since it’s more discreet than buds.


Recreational dispensaries also carry many accessories and items that you can use with your cannabis. Common accessories sold at dispensaries include weed grinders, pre-rolled joints, vape pens, rolling papers, lighters, bongs, pipes, and more.

If you plan on ordering weed online from a recreational dispensary or plan on visiting a dispensary for the first time, ensure to do your research on the different products before making your purchase. You can also ask the budtender about the different recreational strains and effects to know how its beneficial for your body.

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