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G Force Strain

G Force strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid with deeply relaxing effects. Created by the Netherlands-based breeding operation Flying Dutchmen, this strain crosses mind-bending G13 with an unnamed combination of Northern Lights and Skunk. These potent parents unite to form a deeply fragrant bud. With THC levels measured at between 16% and 26%, G Force is sure to impress even longtime cannabis users.

Flowers of G Force are small to medium in size, clinging together in tapered conical formations. The internal structure of these buds hews more indica, with a dense core composed of tightly curled leaves. Finally, G Force’s flowers are coated in a blanket of cloudy, amber-colored trichomes that account for the strain’s high psychoactivity.


The legalization of cannabis has increased the momentum for people willing to consumption of plants for the first time. Most individuals who haven’t tried cannabis previously often have a lot of questions about how – and how much – to consume. Make sure you start low and go slow. Examine how your body reacts as you consume and wait for a couple of hours before your next consumption.

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